In the land of the lost light

Our bodies are made of water and soil and the shore is where they meet

                                  The kids thought it was a bridge

The edgedweller

A minute of Thames

And just like that, came along a man
With bread in his hands,
'I’ll tell you the story of these birds' he said.

Angela, Pebble and Nelson, the stepfather

6 months ago, in the harsh months of winter, maybe it was two seals that got in during the high tide, and got hold of them. They were a big family you see, it was a sad sad incident. Only Angela the mother, and poor baby, pebble were left, all alone and scared. That’s when nelson got here you see. He wasn’t this big then, he was small and weak. He entered their life as Angela’s partner and pebble’s stepfather. It was Angela’s love that made him strong and big in no time. They are very resilient creatures with such a fascinating history and story. You don’t find it in books you know, just fascinating.
 They're not like humans. You know what I mean? They are very strong. I don’t let them touch me though, you know. I don’t like to get so close. Occasional feeding is fine though. They love bread, its probably not good for them. Oh, how they would love nuts and corn. I didn’t name them either, you must think, that is so weird. But it humanises them. Its nice. Look out for them when you’re here next, will ya?


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